Case Studies

Adams programs really works.

Here is just a few of his clients results.

Bruce Raymond - Retired Boss Quicksilver International I Feel Good Program Before and After.jpg

Bruce Raymond - Retired Boss Of Quiksilver International

Bruce's blood pressure medications had to be adjusted by his doctor from 240ml to180ml because it went from 132/80 to 115/55 in just 4 weeks. His total cholesterol dropped from 4.1 to 3.8. He lost weight, has more energy and feels happier.


Warick Burgess lost weight, lowered his cholesterol and feels good after doing The I Feel Good Program.jpg

Warwick Burgess

"I feel more authentic, conscious and motivated about the future. Losing the weight and being lighter than I have been in 25 years is definitely the result I'm most proud of. In 4 weeks my cholesterol went from 5.1 to 3.9 and my weight went from 95KG  to 90.5 KG. If you want to feel much better, lose weight, gain energy and overcome or improve a long list of health issues then TRY THIS!"


Karola Bremauer.jpg

Karola Bremauer

Lost 14kg, has lots more energy, her arthritis pain is gone, she lowered her cholesterol and has a healthier out look on life, both emotionally and physically.


Julie Lowe healed her skin condition and lowered her cholesterol on the I Feel Good Program.jpg

Julie Lowe

Julie's skin conditioned healed, her cholesterol improved from 5.37 to 4.36. Her blood pressure was 144/90 with heart and blood pressure tablets, now it's 110/70 with no tablets, she reduced her waist by 8 cm and reversed type 2 diabetes.


Tevor Birkbeck - Reversed type 2 diabetes on the I Feel Good Program.jpg

Trevor Birkbeck

Trevor reversed his type 2 diabetes and is off all medications. He lost14kg and lowered his blood pressure and cholesterol.


Karen Cornish - Lost 16kg and has more energy I Feel Good Program.jpg

Karen Cornish

After doing every diet program you can imagine, Karen Cornish did my program and in 4 weeks she lost 12kg without feeling deprived. She found it easy and delicious. Her kids have told her how proud they are of her and 12 months on Karen has lost 21kg and maintained her weight loss.


Julie Blake I feel Good Cooking Classes Melbourne.jpg

Julie Blake

"My Psoriasis has gone after 30 years! My cholesterol has dropped, I have more energy, feel more in control of my choices around food and just feel better all round. My friends can see how it's changed my appearance and I have had a lot of people enquiring about what l'm doing. 


Nina Mills reduced here cholesterol on the I Feel Good Program.jpg

Nina Mills

"The program was a real eye opener and taught me a lot of new healthy food/diet habits! Within four weeks my cholesterol went from 5.3 to 4.5, LDL from 2.9 to 2.4, HDL 2.1 down to 1.9"